The Sheik Of Chic

At Alexander McQueen fashion shows, everyone aims to turn heads, whether they're McQueen groupies in never-worn-before pieces or editors in origami hats or vintage polka-dot bow-tie blouses. But at last fall's show, the figure most eyes followed was that of a handsome stranger who arrived with Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Conde Nast International, was greeted warmly by Domenico De Sole, CEO of Gucci Group (owner of the McQueen label), and shown to an envied front-row seat. The fashion plebeians who didn't recognize him or his power-broker companions couldn't miss his three-quarter-length woven leather coat by Bottega Veneta. Who was the guy smiling and schmoozing and wearing a $7,500 coat?
He was Sheik Majed al-Sabah, 35, a member of the Kuwaiti royal family. His mother Sheikha Amthal al-Ahmed al-Sabah is the favorite sister of Sheik Jaber al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti Emir, and his uncle Saad al-Abdallah al-Salim al-Sabah is the country's Prime Minister.,9171,419752,00.html



Judging Panel - Sheikh Majed Al Sabah

Sheikh Majed Al Sabah defies categorisation. He’s a visionary retailer, a fashion aficionado, a collector of contemporary art and design and a nephew of the Emir of Kuwait. His family might have preferred a more traditional calling for a Kuwaiti royal; ambassador, for example. However it could be argued that his many audacious projects and his tireless enthusiasm for new ideas have made him a more effective virtual ambassador of his country’s culture than any more official role.
In the worlds of fashion, design, art and luxury retail, the standard view is that innovation and creativity come from four key cities in the West; Paris, London, New York or Milan. Al-Sabah is proving that cultural innovation is no longer geographically defined. When he launched his luxury fashion emporium, Villa Moda, in Kuwait in 2002, fashion opinion-formers were taken aback to discover a concept that rivalled anything that could be found in the ‘fashion capitals’ and which had been created for a wealthy, cosmopolitan and opinionated audience demanding the highest standards in the retail experience.


A Study in White with the Sheikh of Chic

Kuwaiti Instagrammer Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah (@majedalsabahkuwait) is no stranger to what makes something beautiful. A prominent figure in the fashion industry, he brings his eye for aesthetics to his everyday life through Instagram.
Al-Sabah says his minimalist series of household objects on stark white backgrounds comes from his over 22 years of experience in merchandising and window-display design. “I normally decide to photograph what’s around me, what’s in the fridge—and then I start putting together specific concepts and series.” These photos often incorporate recognizable brands in a humorous approach that challenges labels that are particularly protective of their branding.
Majed Al-Sabah also frequently incorporates music into his posts—both as soundtracks in his videos and as captions in his photos—to help dimensionalize his work: “I want my audience to look at my photos with that specific music playing.”


Souk Secrets from Villa Moda

The sheikh of chic, Majed al-Sabah, whose Villa Moda stores in the Middle East (and soon to be in London) are higher than high-end, reveals his favorite stops at bazaars from Cairo to Kuwait City, and points beyond.


When Chic Meets Sheik

"Villa Moda is the best store in the Middle East," said the sheik, in a white dishdasha and black Ray-Bans. "We are going to put Kuwait on the fashion map."


Sheikh Majed: The Epitome of Fashion and
Luxury in the Middle East

Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah is a fashion icon and a spokesperson, of sorts, for the Middle Eastern fashion consumer. Sheikh Majed is the founder of Villa Moda, a Kuwaiti luxury department store, and pushes for the ultimate shopping experience for the customer.
His new project, The Fragrance Kitchen (TFK), is an innovative perfume house inspired by the “East meets West” philosophy. The Sheikh credits Tom Ford, as an inspirational force behind TFK. We got a chance to speak with him.


Spinning the Recession: Sheik Majed Al-Sabah

Americans may be in a state of gloom about the economy, but it's still a beautiful day in the neighborhood, if you live next door to Sheik Majed Al-Sabah.


Photo art meets horology – Introducing Majed Al Sabah

On Instagram, @MajedAlSabahKuwait’s account (click here) screams of ingenuity and inspiration. He has a way of presenting subjects in an artistic and innovative way. The photos range from frozen chicken, to fashion accessories to handcuffed Kit Kats.  The newest chapter in this artistic journey is luckily for us watches! More precisely, the collection of Mr. Abbas Yacoub Behbehani @ayyb55 (click here), the owner of perhaps one of the largest, if not the largest collection of complicated watches in Kuwait! It’s a pleasure for us to share these images with you, and they are the first in a series of horology themed photos we will be bringing you in association with the Sheikh.