Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah embodies style,  knowledge, and passion. An entrepreneur in his twenties, Sheikh Majed defied the odds from a young age to reach success in the worlds of fashion and perfumery. Currently rated as one of the most influential personalities in Social Media.

Sheikh Majed was born on November 12, 1968 in Kuwait to Sheikh Jaber Humoud Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and Sheikha Amthal Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the sister of the current Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Sheikh Majed is also the nephew of the Amir.

His love of fashion started from a young age, and he dreamt of gathering all the giant brands into one place. He wrestled his way in the fashion walks, and then negotiating with the designers. Sheikh Majed then single handedly attracted all the designers brands to Kuwait, and then Villa Moda was founded, the attraction was not only in Kuwait, but also in the Gulf and the Middle East. The Gucci’s, the Prada’s, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others where Sheikh Majed wanted, all in a 100,000 sq ft luxury department store which was a dream come true.

Not only the love for fashion was his passion, but also blending scents is an affection. Again as a young boy Sheikh Majed began with his grandmother, watching her closely blending her own scents at her very own home. He started blending scents and creating perfumes from his room, and for his personal use, “What is the perfume you are wearing ?” is a question where everybody asked whether he was in meetings, or simply brisk walking past people. Sheikh Majed later collaborated with Tom Ford blending and creating for him the famous “Arabian Wood” which was an instant bestseller. This was the turnout for Sheikh Majed to start the TFK brand in 2012 with a philosophy of “East Meets West”.

Today the TFK brand is in the prestigious Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Nieman Marcus - Los Angeles, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges - London, Milan, Russia, and across the Gulf.

Off the business, using social media is Sheikh Majed’s way to approach and engage with his followers in a fun loving way. Rated as the most influential personality in social media, whether he was on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. Instagram recommend him as suggested user when Sheikh Majed started creating “My White Story” sharing his creativity in composing household objects into stories on a white background. 

With his charming and witty personality Sheikh Majed changed the perception of using Snapchat. Sharing his stories to over a million viewers across the region, his “snaps” can be fun, informative, facts, history, and his view as a world explorer in gaining knowledge from different cultures around the world.